We are specialized in water and wastewater systems design, construction supervision, manufacturing of technological equipment and put-to-operation works:

– Wastewater treatment plants (50-100000 m3/d.)

– Water filtering/treatment plants (50-100000 m3/d.)

– Water supply networks optimization.

– Sewerage pipelines system rehabilitation.

– Pump station renovation

– Hydro-technical objects (water intakes, water discharges, dams with fish protecting devices, clarifiers, etc.)

Since 1991 TEKOS Ltd has designed more than 100 water and wastewater objects throughout Ukraine as well as in Republic of Georgia.

“TEKOS Ltd” is an author and proprietor of one of the most front-rank technologies of wastewater treatment “ECOCOMPACT”, that is pending patents of Ukraine.

“ECOCOMPACT” system, due to application of high-effective technologies, assures the required level of treatment allowing considerably decrease capital investments and operational costs comparatively with the application of standard technologies.

“TEKOS Ltd” has a highly experienced personnel of certified engineers, specialists and experts with the main office located in Kyiv and subsidiary in the city of Rivne.

“TEKOS Ltd” provides:

Monitoring, measurement and supervision works;

geodesic and geological surveys;

complex research and project-design works;

On-site construction supervision;

Put-to-operation works;

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